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The Ring Smart Battery Charger
Coming Soon!

With more and more electronics in a car, batteries are having to work harder than ever. With RING Connect you will soon be able to keep a closer eye on how you battery is performing and when it needs to be recharged.

The Smart Battery Charger with optimise your battery performance, through a 7 stage charging process, that if needed with go into a recondition mode. Working with RING connect you will be able to get regular status updates without having to watch over the process. Freeing your time to do other jobs.

Through RING Connect you will see
  • check-curve
    Percentage of the battery charged
  • check-curve
    Time left to charge
  • check-curve
    Rate of charge
  • check-curve
    When fully charged
  • check-curve
    A log of when last charged
  • check-curve
    Reminders to do a maintenance charge

Once Charged the app will automatically log the charging performance as a way of monitor the health of the battery for later.

If the charging take longer the next time you charge the battery, RING Connect will compare charge time and the charging process and evaluate if the battery is needing to be replaced rather than just charging